Hank Williams for Halloween

On Sunday we played the 7th Annual Triple Rock Halloween Show as Hank Williams and The Drifting Cowboys.  Turnout was a little down this year, but we had a blast anyways – so much so that I’d love to do a reprise show at some point just for fun.  We had Berek’s friend, Ted Held, sit in with us on pedal steel guitar and had matching white cowboy outfits.  We tried to pick mostly songs that people would know but also some of our favorites that are deeper cuts.  Hank has so many great songs, it was nearly impossible to cut down to 10, but our set list ended up to be:

1.  Hey Good Lookin’
2.  Your Cheatin’ Heart
3.  Ramblin’ Man
4.  Kaw-Liga
5.  Long Gone Lonesome Blues
6.  I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry
7.  Jambalaya
8.  My Bucket’s Got a Hole In It
9.  Honky Tonk Blues
10. Howlin’ at the Moon

If you are even remotely familiar with Hank Williams, you’ll notice several missing classics such as Move It On Over, There’s a Tear in My Beer, and Cold, Cold Heart, but it was actually deeper cuts that ended up being the hardest to exclude for me.

Why Hank Williams?  Hank Williams’ music evolved from influences of blues, gospel, folk, and country, much like ours and for me, was the high point in country music’s history.  He’s been covered by artist in many genres besides country and is one of the greatest artists of American music in the 20th century.  Mark and I have spent many long car rides to out of town gigs listening and singing along to Hank’s 40 Greatest Hits.  Also, it was a good way to incorporate more of our country influence in our music going forward.  And we got to dress up in matching cowboy outfits.

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