New single “Deedle” from our upcoming album, “Ribbit Rhythms” is available today via Bandcamp! Pre-order your copy on CD or vinyl today and get a digital copy of the entire album two months before it’s official release, October 10 at Icehouse in Minneapolis! “Ribbit Rhythms” Album Pre-Sale

The Fattenin’ Frogs are a six member roots rock & roll band from Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Fattenin’ Frogs play rock & roll music in its original spirit by turning up the intensity on traditional American music. With a style developed by electrifying a mix of early blues, country, folk, gospel, and jazz, they aim to bring rock music back to its roots. The Fattenin’ Frogs play a mix of original songs and interpretations of classics by the likes of Robert Johnson, Son House, Etta James, Blind Willie Johnson and Muddy Waters. The band is know for their energetic live shows and creative mixing of musical styles and for hosting tributes to Howlin’ Wolf, Robert Johnson, and The O Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack.

The band was formed in early 2009 as a blues trio consisting of Berek Awend on slide guitar and piano, Chris Holm on harmonica and vocals, and Mark Larson on drums. A female vocal group informally known as “The Lily Pads” joined the band during the recording of their debut album. The lineup has evolved to currently consist of Chris Holm, Mark Larson, Amanda White, Danielle Scofield, Paul DeLong and Michael Lloyd.

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